1000 Books

This is what I look like when I read at home, except I have way bigger feet. Also, my poor back is screwed. šŸ˜¦


About three weeks ago, I decided I wanted to read 1,000 books before I died. The goal was easy to set; tracking the books I have read was not.

I sat down for hours and typed every single book I could remember reading onto a Word document. But, before that, I had to think about what the heck I wanted to count as a book on my list. Should Goodnight MoonĀ be included? It’s definitely a book; it just has a lot of pictures and not a lot of words…As much as I enjoy a good picture book, I reasoned that I’ve always been able to read picture books in a quick sitting. Chapter books — even children’s chapter books — require a little more of a time investment.

So, I decided to only include chapter books on my list. Okay…butĀ is it really fair to countĀ Ramona ForeverĀ asĀ oneĀ book andĀ Don Quixote asĀ one book? Meh, maybe not, but I did it. I figured that my young self probably found children’s chapter books challenging in just the same way that my current self finds certain grown-up books challenging. I’m just gonna trust my logic. It’s my book count, right?

I’m certain I’m forgetting loads of books because I know that my former self did a lot of reading. I mean, I used to be that annoying kid who would take books to her cousins’ birthday parties (note: Not much has changed. Now I’m that annoyingĀ adult who “discretely” reads from her phone at her cousins’ kids’ birthday parties). Anyway, I’m currently at 227 completely read books that I can remember.

My return to active reading has been great. It’s so fun toĀ be on a constant book hunt. I frequently visit B&N to check out new and popular titles. I check out books from three different libraries. I visitĀ used bookstores to find cheap deals. The other day, I bought three books for $3 at BookOff. So fun!

Obviously, I’m far from reaching my goal of 1000. I’ll be doing a lot of reading for the remainder of my life, so book recommendations are welcome. They’ll be even more welcome if they include reasons. I’ll consider most books, except the Shades.

It’s probably helpful to include some fave books, right?

Here’s an abridged list of books I REALLY LIKED <3: Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, Don Quixote, Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson & Olympians series, Ella Enchanted, Inferno, The Life of Pi, Life is a Dream, Fangirl, Wuthering Heights, A Short History of Nearly Everything (hehe, this list is crazy unorganized).

I need coffee.