Peripheral vision

The other day I was in the bathroom and out of the corner of my eye, I saw this blurry ginormous unidentified black blob on the floor. Immediately, I assumed it was the hair of some murderous horror film child who was lying down as she waited for the perfect moment to kill me. I was afraid to confirm my suspicions by turning my head to fully view this unidentified black blob.

It turns out that the murderous child’s hair was actually just my lazy sister’s boot. I’m pretty impressed by my brain’s creativity. Good job scaring the crap out of me, Brain! Why can’t my brain be creative in helpful ways? Terrible thoughts aren’t good for my sanity! I’m pretty sure that if I were in a life or death situation, my brain wouldn’t try to help me survive…it would just accept and imagine my death.

Peripheral vision_01


Living the dream

I recently got a job offer! Hooray! Coffee and boba shops are no longer places for doing homework, filling out job applications, or reading when I’m not supposed to. I am free to read and people-watch all I want. I am living one of my dreams. Ha!

The other day I went to visit friends in LA (specifically the ‘burbs). While I was there, I sat at a boba shop guilt-free. I read 1984 and people-watched.  There was this dude with a cool shirt about pi (that Greek math thing) and I tried to draw him. Too bad he left while I was still trying to draw myself. -_-‘ Behold generic human at a coffee shop being watched by 私 in the attached image!

People watching_01(1)